Saturday, June 28, 2008

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Secrets of Sri Sailam - Historical Evidences at Alampuram - The Western Gate of Sri Sailam

Lot of information is availble in the form of "Sasanaas" This place is well known as one of the Asta Dasa Sakti Peethams - one of the eighteen Sakti Peethams in the name of Alampuram Jogulamba. The information relating to this temple is available even before Christ. Several Kings rules this area and worshipped the Holy Shiva Linga in the name of Brahmeswara. As per one "Sasan - or Order of a King" took out in the excavations near Gurajala - one king by name Rudra Purushadutt of Ikshvaku Dynasty granted Lands to the temple dated back in 3rd Century.
Badami Chalukya Dynasty ruled this area between 655 -704 A.D. and during the same period the grand son of Second Pulakesi by name Emporer Shri Vijayaditya Chalukya started this compound around the first week of May 704 A.D. The person who was entrusted this duty was one Shri Esaanaachary.
Raashtrakuta Dynasty worshipped this Lord for 30 years from 780 A.D. Later on this area was ruled by Kalyana Chalukyaas and they too worshipped the Lord.
Thribhuvanamalla Vikramaditya Emporer too worshipped the temple between 1087 -1107 A.D.
During 1192 A.D, as per the Sasanas of Kalachuri Kings, son of Bijjala in the name of Avaha Malla granted lands to this Holy temple.
Kakatiya Prata Rudra too ruled this area and worshipped this Lord as per a script available dated back to 1299 A.D.
King Krishna Deva Raya of Vijayanagar Empire worshipped this Lord during 1512 A.D. and there are many more such Historical Evidences and today a part of the temple is under a Masjid as is seen in the site.

Secrets of Sri Sailam - Phala Dhara and Pancha Dhara

Phala Dhara and Pancha Dhara is the original and it is now pronounced as Pala Dhara and Pancha Dhara. Actually there are five springs in this spot and one more spring additionally, the additional one is believed to have come out of the forehead (Phala Bhag) of Lord Shiva while the other five are believed to have come out of Pancha Mukhas (Five Faces). The water is so sweet and this particular spot is situated around eight kilometers from the Main Shrine. One has to get down to an extent of around 200 feet from the main road to see this spot.
His Holiness Jagadguru Shri Adi Sankaracharya Swamiji said to have spent his time in a cave near to this spot where he composed the Holy Script " Shivananda Lahari".
We can observe lot of water flowing irrespective of season, but then the water disappears after flowing for some distance, but the holy scripts relating to the place specify that the water turns out as a river in the name of "Bhogavati" which ultimately joins the Patala Ganga - River Krishna.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Secrets of Sri Sailam - Umamaheswaram - the North Gate to Sri Sailam

There are four gates to Sri Sailam and four sub gates in the four directions like East, West, South and North and in the northeastern side etc. The prominent four directional gates are situated at Tripurantakam on East, Alampuram on West, Siddavatam on South and Umamaheswaram on North. Out of all the eight gates, the most prominent one is on the Northern side being the Kubera Stana. This is situated around 110 kilometers from Sri Sailam in Nallamalai Forests. It is on the way to Hyderabad from Sri Sailam. This is said to be the Place for Sadhana to enjoy the divine presence of Lord. There appears to be a mango tree and most astonishingly bees used to come out of the seed shell of these mangos when broken. How and in what manner these bees were born in the seed shells of a mango fruit remains to be a unsolvable question. But some of the Sadhaks in the olden days (perhaps not beyond 50 years in the past) used to enjoy the mango fruits releasing out bees from its seed shells. The juice of the fruit after releasing the bees, should be boiled in milk and swallowed for 21 days whereupon the Divine Gates of the Yaksha Raj - Kubera are opened for the Sadhaks. There are many other secrets relating to this place which still remains to be an unsolvable interesting points beyond normal belief.
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Secrets of Sri Sailam - Excellent Carvings on the Compound Wall of the Main Temple

When I see the carvings on the compound wall measuring to at least a kilometer to say, 1000 meters on each side, I am stunned and I could not stop saluting Indian Ancient Artists who strived day and night to present carvings on this huge wall. It is surely beyond imagination for so called modern civilized society to rededicate to such a artistic work. Apart from Artistic beauty, it still remains to be a question as to what technique was used to erect such huge stones maintaining all uniformity and what type of material was used way back 2000 years ago which made the structure in tact for all these years inspite of attacks from other communities. Indian Art faced lot of threats all along and still facing, but these structures which we can see today, proudly annoce that they could withstand all such threats.
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Secrets of Sri Sailam - Unusual experiences and items found in Akka Mahadevi Caves

This is one of the caves in the Akka Mahadevi Caves situated around 17 kilometers from Sri Sailam. The only way to reach out the caves is through boat riding to the forest area situated on the other bank. The other alternative route is to cross the project site over River Krishna and enter from the other side which is quite far off and it is difficult to reach the cave through road journey. Necessarily one has to walk for long to reach from the other bank. There fore it is suggested to reach the caves only from Sri Sailam thrugh Tourism Development Orgaised boats.
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secrets of Sri Sailam - Wonderful arch to Akka Mahadevi Caves

The one which is seen in the picture is a wonderful arch in front of the Akka Mahadevi Caves. It is nearly 200 ft long and a strong monolithic one and this speaks of the age of the Cave. I draw attention of the reader to similar such arches in Tirumala Hills which were confirmed to have of age over 150 million years or so by the Geologists. The arches in Tirumala Hills are called as Sila Toranams. This particular arch in Akka Mahadevi Cave is perhaps greater than the one on Tirumala Hills.
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