Friday, January 4, 2008

Secrets of Sri Sailam - Excellent Carvings on the Compound Wall of the Main Temple

When I see the carvings on the compound wall measuring to at least a kilometer to say, 1000 meters on each side, I am stunned and I could not stop saluting Indian Ancient Artists who strived day and night to present carvings on this huge wall. It is surely beyond imagination for so called modern civilized society to rededicate to such a artistic work. Apart from Artistic beauty, it still remains to be a question as to what technique was used to erect such huge stones maintaining all uniformity and what type of material was used way back 2000 years ago which made the structure in tact for all these years inspite of attacks from other communities. Indian Art faced lot of threats all along and still facing, but these structures which we can see today, proudly annoce that they could withstand all such threats.
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