Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Secrets of Sri Sailam - Historical Evidences at Alampuram - The Western Gate of Sri Sailam

Lot of information is availble in the form of "Sasanaas" This place is well known as one of the Asta Dasa Sakti Peethams - one of the eighteen Sakti Peethams in the name of Alampuram Jogulamba. The information relating to this temple is available even before Christ. Several Kings rules this area and worshipped the Holy Shiva Linga in the name of Brahmeswara. As per one "Sasan - or Order of a King" took out in the excavations near Gurajala - one king by name Rudra Purushadutt of Ikshvaku Dynasty granted Lands to the temple dated back in 3rd Century.
Badami Chalukya Dynasty ruled this area between 655 -704 A.D. and during the same period the grand son of Second Pulakesi by name Emporer Shri Vijayaditya Chalukya started this compound around the first week of May 704 A.D. The person who was entrusted this duty was one Shri Esaanaachary.
Raashtrakuta Dynasty worshipped this Lord for 30 years from 780 A.D. Later on this area was ruled by Kalyana Chalukyaas and they too worshipped the Lord.
Thribhuvanamalla Vikramaditya Emporer too worshipped the temple between 1087 -1107 A.D.
During 1192 A.D, as per the Sasanas of Kalachuri Kings, son of Bijjala in the name of Avaha Malla granted lands to this Holy temple.
Kakatiya Prata Rudra too ruled this area and worshipped this Lord as per a script available dated back to 1299 A.D.
King Krishna Deva Raya of Vijayanagar Empire worshipped this Lord during 1512 A.D. and there are many more such Historical Evidences and today a part of the temple is under a Masjid as is seen in the site.

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