Friday, January 4, 2008

Secrets of Sri Sailam - Hemareddy Mallamma Tears

Hemareddy Mallamma - was one of the devotees of Sri Saila Mallikarjuna Swamy. She surrendered to the Lord in totality and stayed at Sri Sailam till her end of life. It appears that Lord granted her Darshan - Divine Appearance due to which she shed tears out of joy. Two channels of water are seen releasing at a spot where Mallamma Lived. She used to make out sacred Ash from and out of Cow Dung. Even today we can see the processing at that spot. Interesting it is - also beyond belief, she used to wash her hand in a small tank after collecting cow dung and the water turned out to the color of cow dung in those days. Even today the same color is seen inspite of lifting the water totally and cleaning the tank. She used to make out Wheat flour using traditional stone crush. The same stones are still retained at the spot. She used to make out powders using a wooden stick. People consider it as a symbol of fulfillment of desires if any one could keep the wooden stick stand in the stone bowl. In the recent times, a few people from Karnataka and Maharashtra joined and formulated a trust to reconstruct the temple and as a result a nice structure is coming up. Even today sacred Ash is being sold at the spot using the same old traditional methods.

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